The Ultimate Guide to Personal Training Courses: Unleash Your Fitness Career
Are you passionate about fitness and eager to help others achieve their health and wellness goals? If so, becoming a certified personal trainer might be the perfect career path for you.
What is a Strength and Conditioning Coach?
Whether you're a personal trainer, in the fitness industry or just love the gym, you may have already heard of a strength and conditioning coach. In this blog, we dive into what a strength and conditioning coach does, the difference between strength and conditioning and personal training, and how to become a coach yourself.
ELCAS Funding for Personal Trainer Courses: What you Need to Know!

If you leaving the forces and want to pursue a career in fitness, then you have come to the right place. It's a big life change when you move from civilian life to society, it can all feel a little overwhelming. However, here at FIT, we want to make the process as smooth as possible and support you wherever we can. 

How to Relax for a Better Night’s Sleep: Tips & Hacks
Do you struggle with getting to sleep at night? Then you’re not alone. Studies show that at least 1 in 5 adults in the UK aren't getting enough sleep. Which is extremely high! Sleep helps your body repair, aids brain function, encourages positive mental health, and the list of benefits goes on.
Top Tips For Meal Prep: Fitness and Time-Saving Ideas
It's that time of the week again, you’re ready to start your weekly meal prep. For some people this is the most important time of the week, for others they dread it! Either way, getting organised with your food helps you stay on track, saves you time and money and kick-starts your week in a positive way, so we promise it's worth it!
8 Questions to Ask New Personal Trainer Clients

Are you looking to build and retain new clients? That's every personal trainer's dream! Getting new clients is only half the battle, actually keeping them is the key to growing your business.

Getting clients to stay with you is all about first impressions, achieving results, and communication. With each of these elements, you stand a great chance of keeping your clients and attracting new ones. 

Sports Massage Inspirations: Kemba Maximin

In our final sports massage inspirations series, we meet Kemba. Travelling from Trinidad and Tobago, Kemba joined us for our latest sports massage therapy course in Newcastle.

Kemba has been studying sports massage for a while, already having a clinic where she practices. She has achieved all this before she joined us on our Level 3 course. She is really interested in different styles and techniques and wanted to further her knowledge in this fascinating profession.

9 Essential Items You Need to Pack in Your Gym Bag

In our opinion, a good workout starts before you even head out your front door. It's all in the planning and preparation before you exercise. From diet to a workout plan to packing your gym bag, there are a few things that contribute towards a successful workout.

Your gym bag is one of the easiest things to get right. So where do you start with packing all the essentials? Simple, with a gym bag essentials list!

Sports Massage Inspirations: Tania Fulford
Meet Tania. She has just qualified as a Level 3 sports massage therapist. Tania is a passionate personal trainer who has upped her skillset and added sports massage to her list of services. 
The Ultimate Guide to Finding Personal Training Clients
The Ultimate Guide to Finding Personal Training Clients Starting out as a personal trainer? Want to know how to get more clients? Then look no further than this blog as your guide. We break down all the ways to get...
Sports Massage Inspirations: Craig Heaton
  Meet Craig! One of our recent sports massage therapy graduates, Craig has been inspiring people all over the UK to get fit and stay healthy.  From personal training to strength and conditioning, to sports massage therapy, Craig inspires the...
5 Best Fitness Podcasts to Inspire you in the Gym
5 Best Fitness Podcasts to Inspire you in the Gym Need a little extra motivation in the gym? Then you should consider a podcast for your next session. We love to train with a bit of music in the background...
Sports Massage Inspirations: Bianca Calinoiu

Interested in learning what it's like to complete your Level 3 sports massage therapy qualification? Then meet Bianca.

She has recently completed her first qualification with us here at FIT. She talks about her fitness journey and aspirations in this blog!

The Best 6 Apps for Personal Trainers in 2022
Want to know what the best apps are for Personal Trainers? We have you covered. From Trainerize to Vagaro, we have all the apps you need for a successful PT business.
Sports Massage Inspirations: Mark Hardy
Sports Massage Inspirations: Mark Hardy Ever fancied being a sports massage therapist? Need a little inspiration? Meet Mark! We caught up with Mark on our recent Level 3 sports massage therapy course. Keep on reading to find out his inspirations,...
Why Should you Study Online?
Why Should You Study Online? Want the freedom to study from anywhere in the world? Have the flexibility to study when you want? Then online study could be for you. Keep on reading for all things online study as we...
How do I become a Personal Trainer?
How do I Become a Personal Trainer? Becoming a personal trainer is easier than you think! With a high demand for good personal trainers in the fitness industry, it's never been a better time to get qualified. Keep on reading...
Working with Postural Deviations as a Personal Trainer
Posture is a key element to creating and achieving an aesthetic and well functioning body that we train so hard in the gym for. Keep on reading to learn how to notice these in your clients as a personal trainer.
Qualify as a Personal Trainer
Qualify as a Personal Trainer   Have you ever wanted to change up your career? Love fitness but just not sure where to start? That's where we come in. Introducing our Online Personal Training Qualification. If you have a busy...
Breaking down Nutrition: Macronutrients
Ever wondered what macronutrients are? Are you a personal trainer? Or just love fitness? This blog breaks down our 3 main food groups, telling you where to find them, what they do and why they are essential to a healthy, balanced diet!
Tips on How to Support Your Client's Mental Health in Personal Training

Supporting your Personal Training clients in the gym comes as part of the job title, however, supporting them outside of the gym can be just as important. With an astounding 13% rise in mental health conditions in the past year, it is essential that we offer guidance, resources and support to our personal training clients.