The best apps for personal trainers in 2022

The Best 6 Apps for Personal Trainers in 2022

NOTE: None of this content contains paid promotions or sponsorships. These are the thoughts of Fit Training International, we recommend researching these apps before you use them to make sure they work for you!

Are you a personal trainer? Looking for some great apps to help boost your career and your client's goals? Then we might have an app for you.

Personal training apps can benefit your career in multiple ways, from exercise enhancement to scheduling client sessions to track clients' progress. They’re a great tool to help you in your everyday work!

Not yet qualified as a personal trainer? Don't worry, we can help you get qualified.

To help you find the right app, we have put together a list of the top 6 apps you might need in your personal training sessions. They range from booking systems to scheduling workouts to tracking meal plans. Each one is there to enhance your business!

So, without further delay, let’s dive into our favourite 6 apps for personal trainers.

The Best 6 Apps for Personal Trainers in 2022

6. My PT Hub

Image courtesy of My Pt Hub

This app is a one-stop shop for all things personal trainers. You may not need another app after using this one!

My PT Hub offers some big stats on its users. They claim to have 100k fitness professionals on their app, as well as 1.5 million fitness users. With 1000s of workouts and templates, personal trainers can use, My PT Hub appears impressive on paper.

Our favourite feature of the app is that you can personalise the app’s branding to match your own. You can get creative or just match in with your existing branding, either way, this is a great feature to wow your clients!

With unlimited workouts and nutrition plans, you won't feel held back by this app. Let’s say you get your money's worth. If you’re not wowed by that, you will love the calendar, live chat, and live streaming features this app has.

With all its amazing positives, there are a few drawbacks to this app to consider. Firstly, it's costly! Starting from £49 a month, this is a chunk of your paycheck! Another drawback of this app is it can sometimes be glitchy! Reviewers over the internet have mentioned this can affect productivity.

However, those few negative reviews are outweighed by the positive ones. Personal trainers love this app! It has 1000s of positive reviews mentioning its easy-to-use features, how great it is to connect with clients, and how it's taken their coaching to a whole new level.

This app is great for those who need a little extra help managing their clients. So, if you’re interested, you can get a free trial to see if the app is for you. 

Best Features:

1000s of workouts and meal plans

Customise the app to your branding

Unlimited clients

Clients can book sessions on your calendar

Rated 4.7/5 on Trust Pilot

5. FitSW

Image courtesy of FitSW

FitSW claims to provide community, quality, and easy use throughout its app. They aim to help you connect closer with your clients and keep them engaged.

Through FItSW, you can track your client's performance through a variety of features. From workouts to nutrition, FitSW allows you to use pre-designed and customised workout plans for each client. This is great for personal trainers who have multiple clients, meaning you can tailor your sessions to your client's needs. 

One of our favourite features of this app is its live 1-on-1 virtual classes. This allows you to create sessions with clients virtually from all over the world. 

The app also allows you to schedule workouts, set reminders, and stay connected with your clients through their in-app messenger.

So are there any drawbacks to this app? We have found a few. A few reviewers of the app say that their clients found the nutrition section a little overwhelming. There is almost too much choice. On the other hand, that could be a huge benefit for your clients.

Reviewers also mention the format and app are a little outdated, it doesn't look as professional as others. 

However, there are lots of positive reviews of the app too. Many people love the variety of workouts, the easy communication features, and the real-time feedback from clients. 

This app is great for those just starting in personal training! It's great value for money, starting from $19 a month for your first 5 clients. 

Best Features:

Great value for money

Personalise exercise plans

Available in 6 languages

1 on 1 Virtual Session

Rated 4.4/5 on getting App Reviews

4. Fitsy

Image courtesy of Fitsy

Fitsy is an app created by fitness professionals. It's designed to be a tool to aid your sessions rather than replace them!

One of the best features of this app is it's free! You get 3 clients, 10 training plans, 10 meal plans, and unlimited access to all its features for no cost! If you need more, you can upgrade to its premium or unlimited plan which costs a fee.

Fitsy keeps it simple with its features, offering trainers meal plans, workout plans, a calendar for clients to book sessions, and an easy way to add clients to their app.

There aren't many reviews of this app online. However, the reviews there are really positive. Reviewers love the easy-to-use format, the great variety in the workout and meal plans, and that the app is free!

This app is available on IOS and Android, making it easy to access on your phone, tablet, or laptop. 

If you’re looking to keep costs down, Fitsy could be a great app. It covers all the bases needed for personal trainers and acts as an aid to your business.

Best Features:

It's free

1000s of exercises available

Can create new meals for clients quickly

Designed by fitness professionals

Rated 4/5 on App Store

3. Vagaro

Image courtesy of Vagaro

Vagaro isn't your typical personal trainer app, however, it's a great tool to use. This app is designed to take bookings and payments for all your personal training sessions.

If you’re a pt that doesn't want an app to do everything for you, you might love Vagaro. Its easy-to-use booking system allows clients to book into your available slots, giving you back valuable time spent on organising client sessions.

They have helped to book over 104 million appointments so far and counting. As well as their easy booking system, you can offer your clients special deals, send invoices, and set up memberships.

People love Vagaro! They rave about its easy booking system, appointment reminders, and great customer service online. Reviewers also mention that the marketing tools available on Vagaro are great and they have seen a real difference in their productivity.

There are only a small handful of negative reviews online about Vagaro. Reviews mention that the star rating when you’re new to the app can inhibit you from getting bookings. When you have no reviews, people mention it can be a little off-putting for clients.

However, the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones! This app is great for those personal trainers who want a simple solution for taking bookings.

Best Features:

Easy booking system

Marketing tools

No contract fees or cancellation fees

Rated 4.7/5 on Get App

2. PT Distinction

Image courtesy of PT Distinction

If you’re looking for an app to help run your PT business, then PT Distinction could be the app for you. This app is designed to give you all the features you need to manage your business from your phone.

You can integrate this app with your lifestyle. It's compatible with google sheets, my fitness pal, Youtube, and Paypal, making it easy to adjust to your routine. 

With additional features like scheduling client workouts and food diaries, tracking your client's performance, and designing the app to fit your branding, this app is your go-to for all things personal training.

PT Distinction is raved about all over the internet. Personal trainers express their gratitude to the app for saving them time, allowing them to personalise workouts in seconds, and helping them grow their businesses.

There are very few drawbacks to this app. The customer service team is all over any problems that have been mentioned, resolving them straight away! They seem to care about their customers, which is another bonus to this app!

If you’re looking for an app that can help you take your personal training business to new heights, then PT Distinction could be the app for you!

Best Features:

100s of positive reviews

Great customer service

Can schedule workouts in advance

Change the app to match your brand

Variety of payment plans

Rated 4.9/5 on TrustPilot

1. Trainersize

Image courtesy of Trainersize

Want an app that can help you build your brand and retain clients? Then you may want to use Trainerize. This handy app allows you to digitalise your memberships whether you’re a personal trainer or a gym. 

The Trainerize app takes your organisation to the next level! With handy features like integrated payments, promotional emails and appointments, you can offer the best service to your clients, all from your phone. 

You can set your client's membership fees as you see fit and offer either online or face-to-face services. Making it easy to sign up clients and retain them!

With 1000s of positive reviews online, this app is tried and tested by fitness professionals. Many personal trainers say it's really easy to put together group programmes and specific individual  programmes. Reviewers also rave about the great customer service Trainerize offer.

Reviewers of the app mention only a few drawbacks. A few personal trainers mention the app takes a bit of time to get used to. It can be a little complicated to use at first. They also say that the app can be improved. Features like voice notes and videos would be a great way to communicate with their clients on Trainerize. 

Overall this app could be the perfect silent partner in your personal training business. With great customer service and constant updates, this app is going places! If you’re looking for a way to get organised and boost your pt client numbers, then this app could be the solution. 

Best Features:

Integrated payment systems

1000s of positive reviews

Customisable to your brand

Easy promotional emails 

Great customer service

Rated 4.9/5 on the App Store

There you have it, our favourite apps for personal trainers. If you looking for a little help with your business or just need to save some time, then personal trainer apps are the way forward.

Be mindful that these apps are just used to help assist you with your personal training clients. People train with you for your personality, expertise, and quirky ways of helping them achieve their fitness goals.

If you feel inspired to get qualified as a personal trainer, check out our qualifications that you can study online, anywhere in the world!

Already qualified? Check out our courses for personal trainers to upskill your knowledge to the next level.

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