The Ultimate Guide to Personal Training Courses: Unleash Your Fitness Career
Are you passionate about fitness and eager to help others achieve their health and wellness goals? If so, becoming a certified personal trainer might be the perfect career path for you.
Top Tips For Meal Prep: Fitness and Time-Saving Ideas
It's that time of the week again, you’re ready to start your weekly meal prep. For some people this is the most important time of the week, for others they dread it! Either way, getting organised with your food helps you stay on track, saves you time and money and kick-starts your week in a positive way, so we promise it's worth it!
8 Questions to Ask New Personal Trainer Clients

Are you looking to build and retain new clients? That's every personal trainer's dream! Getting new clients is only half the battle, actually keeping them is the key to growing your business.

Getting clients to stay with you is all about first impressions, achieving results, and communication. With each of these elements, you stand a great chance of keeping your clients and attracting new ones. 

Why Should you Study Online?
Why Should You Study Online? Want the freedom to study from anywhere in the world? Have the flexibility to study when you want? Then online study could be for you. Keep on reading for all things online study as we...
Breaking down Nutrition: Macronutrients
Ever wondered what macronutrients are? Are you a personal trainer? Or just love fitness? This blog breaks down our 3 main food groups, telling you where to find them, what they do and why they are essential to a healthy, balanced diet!
How do I set up my own buisness as a Boot Camp Instructor?
Outdoor and indoor Bootcamp are growing fast as one of the most popular exercise classes, gaining local and national attention. It's a great opportunity to start your own business, to become your own boss. We are here to help, so...