Sports Massage Inspirations: Mark Hardy
Sports Massage Inspirations: Mark Hardy Ever fancied being a sports massage therapist? Need a little inspiration? Meet Mark! We caught up with Mark on our recent Level 3 sports massage therapy course. Keep on reading to find out his inspirations,...
Why Should you Study Online?
Why Should You Study Online? Want the freedom to study from anywhere in the world? Have the flexibility to study when you want? Then online study could be for you. Keep on reading for all things online study as we...
How do I become a Personal Trainer?
How do I Become a Personal Trainer? Becoming a personal trainer is easier than you think! With a high demand for good personal trainers in the fitness industry, it's never been a better time to get qualified. Keep on reading...
Working with Postural Deviations as a Personal Trainer
Posture is a key element to creating and achieving an aesthetic and well functioning body that we train so hard in the gym for. Keep on reading to learn how to notice these in your clients as a personal trainer.
First week on our Sports Massage Course
This first day our students learned the origins of Sports Massage Therapy, principles of professional Sports Massage Therapists and how equipment is prepared and presented. Our students studied the mediums which are the tools that Sports Massage Therapists have available to them throughout treatment.
10-Second Press Test: A Simple Sports Massage Therapy Hack
In this week’s blog, we want to introduce you to a Sports Massage Therapy by offering you a simple technique. This technique is used to perform a quick assessment of a client to get information and understand what treatment would follow.