Sports Massage Inspirations: Kemba Maximin

Sports Massage Inspirations: Kemba Maximin

Sports Massage Inspirations: Kemba Maximin

In our final sports massage inspirations series, we meet Kemba. Travelling from Trinidad and Tobago, Kemba joined us for our latest sports massage therapy course in Newcastle.

Kemba has been studying sports massage for a while, already having a clinic where she practices. She has achieved all this before she joined us on our Level 3 course. She is really interested in different styles and techniques and wanted to further her knowledge in this fascinating profession.

In this video, Kemba discusses her relationship with fitness and how she wants to develop her career into working with athletes, which the Level 3 and 4 sports massage course is perfect for!

Here is Kemba’s inspiring video:

A huge congratulations to Kemba for completing her Level 3 and 4 sports massage therapy qualification. We wish you all the success in your career to come as it grows from strength to strength. 

Once you're qualified as a sports massage therapist, you may be wondering what else you can do in the fitness industry. There are so many options for where you can upskill next.

Whether you go down the route of a personal trainer or group training instructor or specialise in additional sports massage training like dry needling, there are lots of options.

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Let’s check out some of those options for progression in the fitness industry:

Level 2 and 3 Personal Trainer

To progress your knowledge after your sports massage qualifications, you can do this by studying our Level 2 and 3 personal trainer qualification. This will boost your knowledge and understanding of programming client sessions, helping aid your client's recovery and fitness advancement. 

As well as doubling your earning potential and giving you flexible hours, this qualification can help you progress to work with athletes, exercise referral clients, long-term condition clients and those who are affected by obesity and diabetes.

Learn how to become a personal trainer here

Level 2 Group Training Instructor

If you work freelance as a sports massage therapist, you will thrive as a Bootcamp Instructor. By selecting your own working hours and where you want to work, you can fit your work around your current sports massage clients. 

To start your own Bootcamp you need a Level 2 in group training. This will give you all the qualifications and confidence you need to set up your own Bootcamp. 

 Learn more about how to set up your own Bootcamp here.

An image of a fitness bootcamp

Level 2 Mental Health Awareness & First Aid

With mental health on the rise in the UK, it's more important than ever that we help support people's mental health wherever possible. This could be in your place of work, as a sports massage therapist or a personal trainer. 

To be properly equipped to help others, it's a great idea to get qualified so you have the right tools to assist people. We recommend our Level 2 mental health and first aid qualification

Get free tips on how to support your client's mental health here

Once you have qualified as a pt or group training instructor, the doors to further qualifications open. This includes:

Level 2 Studio Cycling Instructor

f you want to boost your income, a great qualification to get is your studio cycling instructor. This allows you to teach multiple clients at a time by using a great low-impact exercise that is suitable for a wide range of people.

Spinning has become increasingly popular among fitness enthusiasts and there is always a great need for studio cycling instructors. 

Learn more about why you should become a studio cycling instructor here

Level 2 Instructing Water-Based Exercise 

A new course we have launched due to popular demand, Level 2 instructing water-based exercise, is a great qualification to teach multiple clients in a water-based environment. It allows you to follow your passion for water-based exercise and inspire clients to get fit through it.

This is a great follow on course from sports massage therapy if you don't want to go down the personal training route. It gives you all the skills, techniques and confidence to teach an effective session in the water. 

Learn more about this qualification here.

Instructing water based exercise qualifications

As well as these qualifications, if you’re looking to progress as a sports massage therapist through CPD courses to get more clients and better results, you can delve into the following courses:

  • Dry Needling
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Taping
  • Electrotherapy
  • Level 4 Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise (coming soon to Fit Training International)
  • Myofascial Release

Whatever you’re passion or interest, there are many courses you can do after you’re qualified as a sports massage therapist. From personal training to furthering your knowledge in massage, it's great to keep upskilling yourself for both your knowledge and to benefit your clients.

On a final note, congratulations again to Kemba on completing your Level 3 and 4 sports massage therapy qualifications. We can’t wait to watch you succeed in your amazing career!

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