The Ultimate Guide to Personal Training Courses: Unleash Your Fitness Career
Are you passionate about fitness and eager to help others achieve their health and wellness goals? If so, becoming a certified personal trainer might be the perfect career path for you.
Sports Massage Inspirations: Kemba Maximin

In our final sports massage inspirations series, we meet Kemba. Travelling from Trinidad and Tobago, Kemba joined us for our latest sports massage therapy course in Newcastle.

Kemba has been studying sports massage for a while, already having a clinic where she practices. She has achieved all this before she joined us on our Level 3 course. She is really interested in different styles and techniques and wanted to further her knowledge in this fascinating profession.

Sports Massage Inspirations: Tania Fulford
Meet Tania. She has just qualified as a Level 3 sports massage therapist. Tania is a passionate personal trainer who has upped her skillset and added sports massage to her list of services. 
Sports Massage Inspirations: Craig Heaton
  Meet Craig! One of our recent sports massage therapy graduates, Craig has been inspiring people all over the UK to get fit and stay healthy.  From personal training to strength and conditioning, to sports massage therapy, Craig inspires the...
Sports Massage Inspirations: Bianca Calinoiu

Interested in learning what it's like to complete your Level 3 sports massage therapy qualification? Then meet Bianca.

She has recently completed her first qualification with us here at FIT. She talks about her fitness journey and aspirations in this blog!

Sports Massage Inspirations: Mark Hardy
Sports Massage Inspirations: Mark Hardy Ever fancied being a sports massage therapist? Need a little inspiration? Meet Mark! We caught up with Mark on our recent Level 3 sports massage therapy course. Keep on reading to find out his inspirations,...
Here's what they thought - Become a Personal Trainer
On Friday we congratulated on newly qualified Personal Trainers after completing their Level 3 course at our Fit Training Academy. We are so proud of what we deliver, don’t just trust us, here’s what our students have to say.