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Welcome to our Autumn newsletter, I am pleased to say it's packed with new courses, updates and special offers.

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How do I set up my own buisness as a Boot Camp Instructor?
Outdoor and indoor Bootcamp are growing fast as one of the most popular exercise classes, gaining local and national attention. It's a great opportunity to start your own business, to become your own boss. We are here to help, so...
Tips on How to Get a Winter Beach Body
As a Personal Trainer do you have a client who desires that winter beach body? Or are you struggling to continue with all your hard work from the summer? Then we're here to help with our Tips on How to Get a Winter Beach Body.
First week on our Sports Massage Course
This first day our students learned the origins of Sports Massage Therapy, principles of professional Sports Massage Therapists and how equipment is prepared and presented. Our students studied the mediums which are the tools that Sports Massage Therapists have available to them throughout treatment.
Here's what they thought - Become a Personal Trainer
On Friday we congratulated on newly qualified Personal Trainers after completing their Level 3 course at our Fit Training Academy. We are so proud of what we deliver, don’t just trust us, here’s what our students have to say.
Why you should become a Studio Cycling Instructor?
Tune into some great music and get your pedals spinning as you take on a journey of mountain climbs. Read more about why you should become a Studio Cycling Instructor.
10-Second Press Test: A Simple Sports Massage Therapy Hack
In this week’s blog, we want to introduce you to a Sports Massage Therapy by offering you a simple technique. This technique is used to perform a quick assessment of a client to get information and understand what treatment would follow.
Pre Performance Warm-Up Stretches
Pre Performance Warm-Up Stretches Pre-performance warm-up stretches: a commonly debated subject among many fitness professionals when we move into Level 4 Qualifications. Do pre-performance warm-up stretches have a place in training with athletes? Or are they redundant? In this blog,...