Sports Massage Inspirations: Tania Fulford

Sports Massage Inspirations: Tania Fulford

Sports Massage Inspirations: Tania Fulford

Meet Tania. She has just qualified as a Level 3 sports massage therapist. Tania is a passionate personal trainer who has upped her skillset and added sports massage to her list of services. 

This week we bring you our next video in our Sports Massage Inspirations series. We chat with Tania as she tells us how fitness has impacted her life. From her early days of rowing to her successful pt career now, she has always been inspired by fitness.

Tania has recently qualified as a sports massage therapist to offer the complete package as a personal trainer. She completed our 3-week-intensive Level 3 course recently at Inline Fitness, Blaydon, Newcastle. 

She is now continuing her career as a personal trainer offering sports massage therapy to all her clients. 

Check out Tanya's video: 

Congratulations to Tania. We wish you all the success in the future and can’t wait to watch your career grow from strength to strength. 

Interested in sports massage but want to know more about the wonderful benefits it has to offer? Then let's get started on some of our favourite benefits of sports massage therapy.

The Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Releases Tension and Tightness in your Muscles

sports massage therapy

Ever had extreme tightness in your back, hips, legs or anywhere in your body? Then sports massage can help reduce those tight and tender spots. 

By using massage techniques to stimulate the area, the blood flow increases, bringing with it oxygen and nutrients. 

With the increased blood in the area, the muscle is warmed allowing them to relax and release the tension.

Improves your Range of Movement

sports massage therapy

Sports massage is great for increasing your body's flexibility and range of movement. This is beneficial for anyone, from athletes to dog walkers, it can help improve many aspects of your  lifestyle.

Sports massage increases tissue elasticity, breaking down adhesions and removing waste from the muscles. This helps increase the range of movement within our body. 

Reduces Scar Tissue

sports massage therapy

Do you have an old injury? Then you may have some residual scar tissue, which can over time decrease flexibility and mobility.

Sports massage therapy is a great way to remove that unwanted scar tissue. Through deep tissue massage, sports massage therapists can break down adhesions and collagen fibres which form scar tissue.

Helps Speed Injury Recovery

sports massage therapy

One of the main reasons why people see sports massage therapists is to help with injury recovery. It has been proven that this form of massage can help speed up recovery and prevent further injury.

Deep massage opens pores in the tissue membranes allowing fluids and nutrients to pass through with ease. This helps remove waste products like lactic acid, encouraging the muscles to use more oxygen and absorb nutrients. Therefore speeding up the injury recovery process.

Whether you’re an athlete or a regular gym junkie, sports massage can help a range of people recover from injuries and prevent any future ones.

Reduces Pain

sports massage therapy

Sports massage helps reduce pain by relieving chronic tension in the body. Releasing tension in muscles that surround and attach to joints, can increase mobility, therefore, releasing pain. 

As a sports massage therapist, you can make a real difference in your client's lifestyle and pain levels. Train to be a sports massage therapist here.

Better Sleep

sports massage therapy

Need better sleep? Don’t we all! One wonderful benefit of sports massage is that it promotes serotonin release. Serotonin is a hormone in our body that makes us feel good. It is also a precursor hormone to melatonin which helps you fall asleep. 

Therefore sports massage helps promote better sleep. Pain-free, better mobility and more sleep, sounds perfect right?

Improves Circulation

sports massage therapy helps impriove circulation

Our final benefit of sports massage is it helps improve your circulation. A sports massage therapist can improve your circulation through massage techniques. This is done by creating friction between the skin and the fingers. 

This friction stimulates both the blood and lymphatic systems to improve their circulation. Having better circulation helps improve and maintain muscle strength and energy. A win-win for all gym lovers.

Sports massage is a fantastic way to treat common injuries, prevent them and improve your quality of life!

Feeling inspired to add sports massage to your fitness qualifications? We don’t blame you. There are so many fantastic benefits for your clients and yourself.

If you want to learn more about sports massage therapy? Check out our blogs here. Ready to get qualified? Get started today here

Once again congratulations to Tania, we wish you all the success with your career as a pt and sports massage therapist. 


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