Leading Physical Activity for Adolescents

Leading Physical Activity for Adolescents

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As a Fit Training qualified Instructor specialising in Adolescents , you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidently lead and deliver physical activity for adolescents. Gain valuable expertise as a certified instructor, focused on adolescent physical activity. Prepare and guide teens for a healthier future.

The Leading Physical Activity for Adolescents qualification provides gym and health club instructors the knowledge and confidence to deliver exercise programs and classes that target increasing adolescent engagement in physical activity. Due to the high demand for certified instructors, our expert and evidence-based methods are ideal for promoting physical fitness in your local community.

This course will equip qualified fitness professionals, with a Level 2 Gym Instructor or Group Training Qualification (or equivalent in Sports Coaching), to effectively support adolescents within their area of expertise.

What activity can I teach ?  

After graduation learners will be able to deliver sessions to

  • Adolescents within their area of prior achievement. The Level 2 Award in Leading Physical Activity for Adolescents are part of the specialist population’s suite of qualifications.

  • Adolescents within their area of expertise for example gym-based exercise (gym instructors or personal trainers), group training or coaching of a specific sport (sport specific coach).

How will I be assessed on my Adolescents course?

In order to achieve your qualification you will plan exercise programmes for your chosen target age group within 11-18 age range 

    Do I need a DBS check?

    YES. Before you start working with children or adolescents, you would normally need an up to date DBS check. It would be advantageous to start the ball rolling with your employer or organisation as soon as you can.

    Our Level 2 Award in Leading Physical Activity for Adolescents Qualification consists of 2 units:

    1. Physical activity, health and development considerations for adolescents.
    2. Programming safe and effective physical activity for adolescents.

    • Physical activity, health and development considerations for adolescents
    • The specific anatomy, physiology, and nutritional needs of adolescents and how they relate to physical activities, exercise and fitness.
    • How to plan, adapt deliver and supervise safe and effective physical activity sessions for adolescents.
    • The legal and professional requirements for working with adolescents.

    Just complete the online study in your own time. Work through your assessment portfolio including your assignment of session planning an exercise program for your specific target group. As you will already be a qualified instructor or coach there is no practical assessment.

    You will have 1-1 support from your tutor every step of the way. 

    Pre-requisites for taking this course

    • Over 16 years of age and hold a Level 2 Instructor qualification in Gym, Fitness Instructor, Group Training or Exercise To Music Qualification 


    • Complete externally marked questions in your portfolio.
    • Assignment to plan and prepare exercise sessions for adolescents. 
    • Evaluate an exercise and physical activity session for adolescents. 
    • Active IQ Level 2 Leading Physical Activity for Adolescents.
    • Active IQ is the awarding body. Active IQ is the leading awarding body ensuring the certification you receive when you study with us is the highest standard and is recognised globally.
    • This regulated qualification sits on the Ofqual framework of qualifications. The qualification accreditation number is 603/4112/9